Why Barwon Heads is a perfect holiday location for people with mobility limitations.


The best feature of the SeaChange village of Barwon Heads is miles of level footpaths. Located a 90-minute drive from Melbourne CBD, Barwon Heads is perhaps best known as the location where the popular TV series Seachange was filmed. Ensconced between golf courses, wetlands and the ocean, it possibly explains why Barwon Heads retains its “villagey” feel.

Whether you use a cane, walking frame, an electric or standard wheelchair, There is nothing better than being able to explore in the sunshine. You will be spoilt for choice when staying in Barwon Heads.

accessible disabled friendly accommodation Barwon Heads
100 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads. Close to beach & shops.

You may want to stop for a loo break, a BBQ or let the kids play in the playground.
The toilets are clean and wheelchair accessible too. Our featured property is 100 Hitchcock, located in the centre of the village. Setting out from here, there’s a lovely tea tree path that meanders along the Barwon river into town.

The paths are all level, and gravel paving. Occasionally you may hit a spot of beach sand after a windy day but for the most part, enjoy meandering along the Tea tree path and watch the birdlife.

accessible paths stay in Barwon Heads
Teatree paths run along the river.


Continue to the Barwon Heads Bridge where you will find sculptures and seating to watch the waves and kids paddling. Stop for a coffee at Ebb & Flow.  A cafe renowned for its awesome coffee and cakes.

From there, you can cross the Barwon Heads Bridge, and then back again. The bridge is a perfect fishing spot too, with the tide coming in there is a good chance of catching a meal for the evening.
The Bridge is a particularly lovely spot during sunrise and sunset. If you love photography, perhaps time your wheelchair cruise and send us some snaps!

Barwon Heads footbridge.
Feel the breeze along Barwon Heads footbridge.

Continue your cruise to At The Heads Restaurant, a scene from the TV series SeaChange. A mix of concrete and timber paths, and very scenic.
From there, follow the timber path to the jetty. Another great fishing spot. Naturally the wooden planks are a bit bumpy, however, you will love the view.

flat paths barwon heads accessible accommodation
Flat paths Barwon Heads.
The path continues around the restaurant.
A great spot to meditate.

 From the jetty, meander along the concrete paths running parallel to the ocean, stopping at The Bluff. It is a marine sanctuary, so you will see quite a lot of birdlife.

Near the bluff, birdlife and marine sanctuary.

Return to the Bridge and Roundabout with excellent level crossings and wander into town along Hitchcock Avenue and back to the house.

Barwon Heads Accessible wheelchair accommodation
Flat paths Barwon Heads town centre.

Below is a map outlining where you can feel comfortable whether you use a cane, walking frame or wheelchair. The orange markings cover all of the above pictures. The yellow markings cover several kilometres along the inland part of the river in the photos below.

Gravel paths through wetlands and farmlands.

It includes several kilometres along the inland part of the Barwon Heads River. Meandering north of 100 Hitchcock, follow the path inside the park, along the street and access the long flat river path. Explore fishing spots, and meander through farmland. It is really beautiful and peaceful.


Map outlining the best flat paths in and around Barwon Heads.

For suggestions on places to see, recommended restaurants and activities in and around Barwon Heads, 100 Hitchcock accessible accommodation have several blog posts that will help you plan your next getaway in Barwon Heads. The link is HERE.