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The Go-To Website For Accessible Holiday, Short Term, & Mid Term Accommodation.

Promote your property or service to people with disabilities. Accessible Accommodation: the experts in bringing guests from the fastest-growing travel sector to your accommodation or service. Accessible Accommodation has established itself as a leader in accessible tourism, with over 30,000 loyal and actively engaged subscribers & followers. Over 38,000 website page views a month.

“Over 80% of our properties consistently had their accessible rooms fully booked year-round, which presented a challenge but also an opportunity for Quest.”

Quest Apartments General Manager of Brand and ESG, Anthea Dimitrakopoulos

10 Reasons For Listing Your Business On Our Website

1/ Australian Tourism Data Warehouse Accreditation

Add your Accreditation to your ATDW (Australian Tourism Data Warehouse) listing.

2/The fastest-growing travel sector in your own backyard.

According to Forbes Magazine, “One annual report from Return on Investment compares the emerging market of people with disabilities to the size of China. That’s an estimated 1.3 billion people with disabilities, many of them Baby Boomers who control a larger share of wealth than any previous generation19% of the Australian population have a disability and account for over 11% of the total tourism revenue in Australia. Travel local is the catchphrase for 2021. More info HERE and  HERE.

3/ NDIS funds up to 28 days allowance for accommodation. 

With the NDIS introduction, people with a disability have improved disposable income to spend on travel and leisure. Many participants have the option of up to 28 days allowance for respite and short-term accommodation too. More info HERE.

4/ Mid-term accommodation.

We work with NDIS participants book mid-term accommodation of between 3 weeks and 6 months. For example:

If they have a newly acquired disability and are having their homes modified.

A bridge between permanent accommodation that is under construction. Royal Commission stats: 28,000 specialist disability accommodation is required in Australia. More info HERE.

Repeat hospital & rehab visits.

5/ Baby Boomers & convenience.

Whilst Baby Boomers account for just 25 per cent of the Australian population, they hold 53 per cent of the nation’s wealth. Whilst they do not consider themselves to have a disability, Baby Boomers use our website for convenience. As they age, their access needs will only continue to increase. More information HERE.

6/ The largest, most comprehensive website for people with disabilities seeking accommodation.

Our website page views are consistently well over 30,000 to 50,000 a month. And over 12,000 unique visitors a month.

On average 4.8 page views a session.

Our bookings increased by up to 70% since introducing a booking platform. They like what they see and the ease with which they can book.

7/ Active social media expertise

We’re continuing to build a cult following of over 30,000 Aussies who need Accessible Accommodation (short to medium term, respite or holiday accommodation) & services.

You can tap into this fast-growing community.

8/ Repeat customers and more positive reviews

Travellers with a disability who require Accessible Accommodation spend far more time researching to determine is the place is right for them. Our point of difference is the level of detail we go to. If “what you see is exactly what you get”, there is an increased chance of an awesome experience, and therefore a fantastic review.

We have found that guests requiring accessibility are 5 times more likely to re-book with us and return again and again. They are generally risk-averse and feel more secure returning to what they are familiar with.

9/ They stay longer

The average stay duration is 4.3 nights for our guests with disabilities. Our guests stay longer. (More planning involved, equipment needed etc).n Compare that with Tourism Industry Average nights stay of 1.9 to 2.2 nights.

10/They book non-accessible rooms as well.

Up to 30% of our guests’ book non-accessible rooms for Carers and Support Workers. Where a guest with a disability participates in an event (such as a wedding or 70th Birthday), the first priority is finding an accessible place. Often, the rest of the party chooses to book non-accessible rooms.

Should you require more information for business owners, please email

There simply isn't a

Our three categories by which we rate an accessible property has become the benchmark for Accessible Tourism. It’s not just guests that enjoy peace of mind, but accommodation providers too.  As a business, you know exactly where you stand in your accessible offering.

Because everyone’s needs differ, our comprehensive FAQ for each listing helps answer guests’ unique needs. To help make it simple, we have also categorised the differing needs of people to help make it easily identifiable. They are: Assisted Walking, Independent Wheelchair User and Assisted Wheelchair User. We classify each property or service based on the information you provide and use the icons below to clearly identify the level of accessibility of your property/service.

Assisted Walking

Walking Frame or Cane Users. Some accessible amenities would come in handy.

Independent Wheelchair

Wheelchair users who can self-transfer to bed, shower and toilet.

Assisted Wheelchair

Guest unable to lift themselves. Requires assistance of a support person or equipment.

Other Categories

Other needs, such as sensory, hearing and vision assisted. Coming soon.

information for business owners about accessible accommodation

Increase your bookings. Connect with a booming audience in a cost-efficient way.

You have three options:

1. Integrate into our Booking Platform whereby a % commission is taken per booking.

2. Your property (or service) is listed for a low yearly fee.         

3. Listing exclusively with us with an all-inclusive program, where we do the marketing, take the booking and manage payments.  All you need to do is arrange to clean and greet guests.

You can choose to purchase advertising packages at any time when you want that additional boost to your business. (We curate the content for you). More info on our ad packages HERE.

Our Committment To Excellence In Accessible Tourism

The Accessible Group is committed to excellence in Accessible Tourism in Australia. Accessibility for visitors to travel and stay with ease and confidence, knowing they are valued, safe and secure. That guests with disabilities do not feel “othered”. That their disability does not limit them to experiencing all that Australia has to offer.

Our commitment is to help Tourism Operators understand, confidently embrace and value guests with disabilities’ unique needs.

A commitment where everybody benefits. The guest as well as the operator.


2023 Silver Medalist – Excellence in Accessible Tourism, Australian Tourism Awards

2023 Gold Medalist – Excellence in Accessible Tourism, Victorian Tourism Awards

2021 and 2022 Silver Medalist – Excellence in Accessible Tourism, Victorian Tourism Awards

2022 and 2023 Victorian State Finalist – Telstra Best Of Business Awards

2022 Geelong Business Excellence Awards - Inclusive and Accessible Business

Our Story

Kerry and Grant Williams are the people behind Accessible Accommodation. They have family members that frequently require accessible accommodation and also own a fully accessible holiday rental.  They’ve seen both sides of the importance of good information for people with disabilities, from the perspective of people needing accessible accommodation, and for people owning and managing accommodation that is accessible. Accessible Accommodation employs staff who have a disability. They understand the complex needs of people with disabilities, one of the fastest growing travel sectors in the world.

Accessible Accommodation offers tech-savvy support and intimate knowledge of digital marketing, and experience managing an accessible holiday rental, as well as travelling with a disability. These attributes are vital in today’s tourism climate. We have also launched Accessible Experiences (link HERE). 

Join Accessible Accommodation & fill your booking calendar!

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