Information for Guests

Accommodation tailored to suit your mobility challenges

Information for Guests

Accommodation tailored to suit your mobility challenges

What’s it all about?

Do you have a disability with limited mobility? We’re here to help with accommodation tailored to suit your mobility challenges including detailed photos, video tours and frequently asked questions. Perhaps you use a walking frame and need step-free access. Maybe you use a motorized wheelchair and require a carer to assist in movements and a hoist is on your list of ‘must haves’We too have had to search for our unique requirements.

The crew at Accessible Accommodation either have a disability or is a family carer of one. We get it!

accessible accommodation peace of mind

There simply isn't a "one size fits all"


How does it work?

Whether you need a holiday, Short Term Accommodation (STA) or Medium Term Accommodation (MTA), people with mobility issues look forward to a stress-free break just like everyone else.

Before we can even consider whether the location or property, is what we are after, we have to first be practical. We need information. Like you, we have also had to ask these sorts of questions:

“Will the doors be wide enough to fit my wheelchair?”

“My weak hip means I can’t climb steps”

“That pool looks gorgeous. I wonder if there is a hoist so my son can enjoy it too?”

“With my MS, sometimes I lose my balance, I wonder if they have a shower chair and grab bars?”

With Accessible Accommodation, we provide you with factual information so what you see is what you get on arrival. 50 frequently asked questions. Video tours and lots of photos demonstrating accessible features. Activities in the surrounding area that is accessible.

And, if you need help, you are supported by a dedicated helpline and website chat feature, operated by people with disabilities.

Accessible Accommodation staffed by people with disabilities


Our Three Categories

Learn more in our video explainer below.

Because everyone’s needs differ, we have categorised differing needs of people that are easily identifiable. They are: Independent Walking, Independent Wheelchair User and Assisted Wheelchair User. This will make it easier for you to narrow down the places you can go for your next holiday or a place to stay for a few months.

Assisted Walking

(Walking Frame or Cane Users). Some accessible amenities would come in handy.

Independent Wheelchair User

You can self-transfer to bed and toilet. You would benefit from disability equipment).

Assisted Wheelchair User

Where a person is unable to lift themselves and require the assistance of a carer.

Do you know a property that should be listed with us?

If you have stayed somewhere in Australia or New Zealand, that you would love to tell others in the Accessible community about it, tell us about it here

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