Booking Terms and Conditions

This following document sets forth the Booking Terms and Conditions for The Accessible Group Pty Ltd T/A Accessible Accommodation (Accessible Accommodation) owner and manager of website,

Booking Terms & Conditions

1. Accessible Accommodation acts as the non-exclusive agent for the supply of goods and/or services provided by the properties listed on this site.


2. By making your booking you acknowledge and agree that Accessible Accommodation is acting as the agent for the supplier of the goods or services and that any dispute which you may have in relation to that booking shall be directed to the supplier and not to Accessible Accommodation.


3. Accessible Accommodation warrants that it is authorised to make bookings and to receive monies and other deposits on behalf of the properties listed on this site.


4. It remains the responsibility of every person making a booking through Accessible Accommodation to verify for himself or herself the accuracy of the information provided by Accessible Accommodation on behalf of the properties listed on this site.


5. Accessible Accommodation and associated Accommodation Providers provide Accommodation only. If additional supports such as personal care, meal prep etc is required this must be provided by the guest for the duration of their stay. Accessible Accommodation provides its booking service as a service to the properties listed on this site, but cancellations of confirmed bookings will attract a AUD $55 (incl. GST) administration fee in addition to the Cancellation Fee of the Accommodation/Service Provider. A booking will be considered confirmed once payment or confirmation of payment from a plan manager has been received. Changes/cancellations made to a booking within 7 days of the check in date will attract booking/service fee charges up to the value of $250. Credit card fees are non-refundable. Any changes or cancellations must be made via email to Accessible Accommodation reserves the right to offer alternate accommodation or facilities of a similar standard to those booked in the event of a property becoming unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. These terms and conditions are in addition to the properties own terms and conditions which can be found by viewing your itinerary.


6. Where a booking is processed manually by our staff, rather than directly via the Accessible Accommodation website booking page, this will incur a service fee of 15% of the booking value. This applies to booking requests received via email, over the phone and via NDIS Service Requests.


7. Accessible Accommodation shall not be responsible to any person for double bookings or over bookings for any facilities or services booked through Accessible Accommodation.


8. All bookings made through Accessible Accommodation are expressly made subject to the disclaimer published on Accessible Accommodation’s website the terms of which are deemed incorporated herein. It shall be the responsibility of all persons making bookings through Accessible Accommodation to be aware of and agree to the terms and conditions of that disclaimer. Any person who does not have ready access to the internet should contact Accessible Accommodation prior to confirming the booking and a copy of the disclaimer will be provided to them.


9.Accessible Accommodation provides a guarantee of accessibility for all listed properties, to the extent described in each listing. While we do seek surety on the overall standards of each property, we cannot guarantee the general conditions of the properties listed, as this is the responsibility of the property provider.


10. Please note that guests are responsible for any and all damage that they may cause, whether accidental or through their negligence, and that rectification of this damage may be charged to the guest or to the NDIS plan manager who is acting on their behalf, at the point at which it is identified (during or following the accommodation period).  Guests are required to advise Accessible Accommodation of any such damage immediately.


Changes to these Booking Terms & Conditions

Accessible Accommodation reserves the right to make amendments to these Terms & Conditions at any time. If you have objections to the Terms & Conditions, you should not access or use the Site.


Contacting us

Accessible Accommodation welcomes your comments regarding these Booking Terms & Conditions. If you have any questions about these Booking Terms & Conditions and would like further information, please contact us by any of the following means.

Call: 1300 180 889

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