Supportive Resources for Caregivers: A Resource Guide from Accessible Accommodation

Supportive Resources for Caregivers: A Resource Guide from Accessible Accommodation's Guest Contributor, Elder Spark

In a lot of ways, caregivers are unsung heroes in their communities. Devoting your time to the well-being of someone — no matter their age — who can’t always navigate daily activities on their own can be both physically and mentally exhausting some days.

Still, being a caregiver to someone with a disability is incredibly rewarding. Our mission at Accessible Accommodation is to help individuals with disabilities thrive no matter where their travels take them. With that in mind, our guest blogger Janet Campbell (the creator of Elder Spark), has put together a resource list that we hope will help caregivers take care of themselves as well as those they support.

10 Things to Consider Before Becoming Your Parent’s Caregiver

For those considering becoming a caregiver for their parent or another senior loved one, it’s important to think about the full reality of what it will entail. This guide lays out the considerations adult children should make.

Carer burnout is preventable

Preventing Caregiver Burnout

Caregiver stress is a huge risk. This article offers insight on the signs of burnout and self-care tips for coping with this high-pressure job.

Caring for a Senior With Alzheimer's At Home: Tips & Strategies

Caregiving for someone with Alzheimer’s is a huge undertaking. This guide discusses what it entails and is a helpful resource for anyone considering taking on the role themselves or hiring a professional.

Interviewing Private Caregivers for Your Home Care Job

This checklist is a great plan of action for finding a qualified and compassionate healthcare provider no matter what kind of caregiver you’re looking for.

When Is It Time to Put a Loved One in a Retirement Home?

There may come a point when a senior can’t safely live at home, even with the help of a caregiver. This guide explains professional care options for outside of the home and how to know when the time to make the transition is right.

Caring for an older Australian

Providing care for a loved one can be costly, but this resource guide from Services Australia offers information on how to find financial support for services and equipment.

What Can I Do to Support Caregivers?

If you aren’t a caregiver yourself but want to show your support to those who are, consider a few of these ideas to help ease their stress — and in turn, improve their loved one or client’s wellness.

Lift their spirits by cleaning their home
  • Clean their home. Live-in caregivers have a lot on their plate, including cleaning and decluttering their living environment for the health and safety of their loved one. Dropping by a few times a month to help them tidy up will lift a huge burden. As a bonus, a home that’s been deep cleaned and decluttered has been shown to lift the spirits of all who live there!
  • Have their groceries delivered. There are food and grocery delivery services all over Australia, and taking this item off a caregiver’s to-do list offers them a much-needed break from their duties.
Arrange a holiday, fill in for the carer so they too can take a break
  • Give them some time off. Volunteering to drop by for a few hours to allow the caregiver in your life some time to step away from their role is a meaningful way to promote balance in their life and prevent caregiver burnout. Better yet, help them plan a getaway — you can even help them book a property with Accessible Accommodation so the person in their care can join them!
Unpaid Carers- truly heroic

Being a caregiver certainly comes with challenges, but it’s rewarding work — not to mention, a truly heroic endeavor. The resources above can help these amazing individuals take better care of themselves and those they’re devoted to.


Supportive Resources for Caregivers: A Resource Guide from Accessible Accommodation has been written by Janet Campbell, the creator of Elder Spark, which aims to help seniors find resources and motivation to stay fit in their golden years.  At, they want to encourage people of all ages to live their healthiest and happiest lives ever. 

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