Quest's Exciting Partnership with Accessible Accommodation Paves the Way for Inclusive Tourism

Quest's Exciting Partnership with Accessible Accommodation Paves the Way for Inclusive Tourism

Quest Apartment Hotels, a renowned provider of serviced apartments, has recently forged a valuable partnership with The Accessible Group, signalling their commitment to promoting accessible tourism. This collaboration comes as a response to the growing demand for inclusive travel experiences. By joining forces, Quest and Accessible Accommodation (The Accessible Group) aim to enhance the guest experience and set a new standard for the industry as a whole.

Elevating the Guest Experience

Kerry Williams, the founder of Accessible Accommodation and Accessible Experiences, expressed her delight about the partnership, emphasizing the popularity of Quest Apartment Hotels among the community of travellers with a disability. She commended both Quest's business executive team and the brand itself for their unwavering commitment to raising the bar in the industry, serving as an example for others to follow.

To solidify this partnership, over 1,200 Quest team members will participate in the Tourism Accommodation Inclusion Training Program. This comprehensive online course, developed in collaboration with Spinal Cord Injuries Australia, spans two to three hours and equips Quest Franchisees and employees with the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional service to guests with diverse accessibility needs.

Anthea Dimitrakopoulos, Quest's General Manager of Sales and Marketing, expressed her pride in the partnership said: “We’re incredibly proud of our new partnership, and we’re pleased to hear the wonderful feedback from Accessible Accommodation community members who’ve chosen to stay at our locally owned and operated properties because of the attractive combination of accessible rooms at great value in convenient locations.”

Expert Collaboration for Effortless Stays

In addition to the training program, Kerry Williams will work personally with Quest to provide expertise in incorporating additional accessible design aspects into new builds and retrofitting existing apartments. Kerry's collaboration ensures that Quest's accommodations continue to offer effortless stays for all guests. By listening and learning from Accessible Accommodation's extensive community of 30,000 members, she can make informed recommendations on how to enhance accessibility across the board.

Accessibility can be beautiful and functional at the same time says Kerry Williams founder of Accessible Accommodation
Example Big 4 Castlemaine Gardens

Stylish and Accessible Accommodation

Kerry Williams believes that accessible bathrooms can be elegant and stylish, rather than resembling a hospital environment. As an expert in the field, she offers some simple do's and don'ts to help accommodations enhance accessibility and improve travel experiences for guests with disabilities:

  1. Provide a freestanding shower chair, in addition to a fold-down shower seat, to offer guests with varying mobility needs more choice and flexibility.
  2. Ensure that essential items, such as crockery, are easily within reach for all guests, eliminating the inconvenience of having to reach above the kitchen benchtop.
  3. Accessible Accommodation's consulting services focus on achieving seamless and beautiful accessibility for everyone while adhering to relevant building codes.
  4. Tiles can be a great way to elevate an accessible bathroom for stylish accessibility.

Booming Tourism Sector

Quest's partnership with Accessible Accommodation marks a significant step forward in promoting inclusive tourism, a booming tourism sector. By investing in training and collaborating with accessibility experts, Quest Apartment Hotels have captured an opportunity to deliver exceptional experiences to all guests. Accessible Accommodation aims to create a future where inclusive travel becomes the norm, enriching the lives of travellers with diverse accessibility needs.