International Women's Day

Recently, with International Women’s Day being celebrated, I got to thinking about the women who have been my role models, whom I have learned the most from. This is Barbie. She is my mum. She has MS and is the inspiration for Accessible Accommodation. Barbie is a force of nature. She would never stop moving. Always doing something. That stopped quite quickly after her MS diagnosis (the moving about that is). What did NOT stop, was her positive outlook and sense of humour.

Barbie has taught me to laugh at the most inappropriate times such as the solemnity of a hospital. She has been bruised and battered from a fall and still finds humour and laughs at her clumsiness. She thinks hospital food is “lovely”! Yep- she is THAT positive!

Musee De Tokyo- watching Barbie ride over an art installation.

She has glided over an art installation in her chair to the horror of security guards in Musée De Tokyo in Paris. So enraptured with art; she didn’t realise she was literally obliterating that very art with her scooter! We collapsed from laughing so hard! (And for the rest of our tour under the watchful eyes of the Gallery’s security and numerous apologies that dissolved into a fit of giggles...)

Did I do that?

Barbie has taught me the importance of a positive outlook on any of life’s challenges. In fact whilst our family watch on helplessly when her MS gives her so much pain, it is Barbie who is comforting us! If there is a microscopic upside to any challenge that life throws at her, Barbie will find it. So, whilst she may no longer be a physical force of nature, her power as an influential role model continues to shine. Who inspires you? Who do you think about on International Women’s Day ?

When I grow up I want to be like Barbie.