How To USE Short & Medium-Term Accessible Accommodation Through NDIS (Part 2)

Short- and Medium-Term Accessible Accommodation Part 2 – How to use it?

In part two (of our series about Short & Medium-Term Accessible Accommodation through NDIS) – we will help clarify where it should be included in your NDIS plan. Also, which support budget you can use. We recommend you read part one of our series on the topic before reading this. It will be easier to understand the process. Click HERE for part one.

Let's start with understanding the NDIS Budget Categories:

NDIS Budget Categories

Once your NDIS Plan is approved, your funds will be allocated into three support budgets. The following support budgets are generally concerned with STA and MTA. Your NDIA planner, LAC or Plan Manager will explain how your approved funds are split and which supports are applicable.

Core Supports
This is the most flexible support budget. The two categories under this support budget may help you access STA or MTA funding. They will be either one or both of:

  1. Assistance with social and community participation (e.g. supports to enable you to engage in social or recreational activities)
  2. Daily activities (e.g. assistance with self-care activities during the day or evening)
    There are many more categories under Core Supports and you can generally and flexibly take a little from one (e.g. consumables) to purchase supports in another (e.g. social and community participation).
    The real story: The NDIA found it reasonable and necessary to provide Fatima approved funding stated in her Core Supports as assistance in developing and/or maintaining Fatima’s independent living skills including, but not limited to, safety in the home, personal care, domestic tasks and personal respite as required. Source HERE from NDIS website.

Capacity Building Supports

This funding is more strictly allocated across eight support categories, that match your goals. You may be able to use the following categories to support your need for STA or MTA however you won’t be able to move funding from one sub-category to another. So it’s important that you or your Support Coordinator do some research to request adequate funding to pursue your goals. Source HERE from NDIS website.

  1. Home Living (e.g. support to obtain/retain appropriate accommodation moving out while your home is being modified)
  2. Social and Community Participation (e.g. Individual life skills development and training including public transport training and support, developing skills for community, social and recreational participation.)
  3. Capital Supports include higher-cost pieces of assistive technology, equipment and home or vehicle modifications, and funding for one-off purchases you may need (including Specialist Disability Accommodation).
  4. Home Modifications such as installation of a handrail in a bathroom, or Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) for participants who require special housing because of their disability.

Funding for STA or MTA may be available under this category if your SDA isn’t available at your required time.


Now you have the information on how it's done, what's next?

Once you have established that you are able to use your NDIS funds to support Short & Medium-Term Accessible Accommodation, respite or temporary accommodation you need to find your preferred service provider.

Having wisely chosen Accessible Accommodation, you are assured of:

  1. PROPERTIES ARE QUALIFIED. What you see is what you get on arrival.
  2. KEEP COSTS DOWN - Preferred rates to make the most of your budget
  3. WE GET IT - Dedicated staff who have disabilities - they get it!
  4. CHOICE - The widest choice of qualified accessible property location and types in Australia.

Here at Accessible Accommodation, our BOOKING SERVICE will assist you and your Support Coordinator in finding the property that fits the criteria that you have provided. As our staff have disabilities, and/ or a Carer of a person with a disability, we get it. We know what to recommend based upon your unique needs, so you can access Short & Medium-Term Accessible Accommodation through NDIS.

Furthermore, you are saving time and money. Particularly as Accessible Accommodation has preferred rates with most of the properties.


Accessible Accommodation and you (or your representative) will sign an NDIS required Service Agreement to ensure that you understand the service or support that we will provide to you, and our mutual obligations to each other.
Once you have chosen your accommodation we then send an invoice to whom you choose. As plan-managed or self-managed you have a few options here.
If self-managed, we can send it to you for immediate payment and you can claim straight away through your NDIS portal. Alternatively for self-managed, you can send the Invoice to your independent Plan Manager for payment.
For plan-managed, your Support Coordinator will send it to your independent Plan Manager for payment.

Your supports will then be delivered or provided for you.

Accessible Accommodation currently cannot offer this service for Agency Managed participants.

Contact our friendly team to find out more. Call 1300 180 889 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PS: Please note this article about NDIS (STA) Short Term and (MTA) Mid Term Accessible Accommodation through The NDIS, and information has been sourced from NDIS website. NDIS guidelines change frequently, and we will endeavour to ensure this blog is kept up to date. It is meant as a guide only. Do check with whomever assists you with your NDIS plan to ensure you have all the information necessary.

NDIS STA and MTA Information on How to access NDIS (STA) Short Term and (MTA) Mid Term Accessible Accommodation through The NDIS.

Written by Leanne Watson of Accessible Accommodation. Read more about Leanne’s journey with NDIS HERE.