Coach and The Doctor Podcast With Ashlee Morton From Accessible Accommodation

Coach and The Doctor Podcast With Ashlee Morton From Accessible Accommodation

This week, our General Manager Ashlee had the pleasure of sitting down with Coach and The Doctor on their podcast which is ‘the show that raises awareness of the NDIS by speaking to incredible people in the world of disability’.  

We have been asked to be a regular contributor to the show with a segment focusing on the world of travelling with a disability.  

This week we introduced Accessible Accommodation, who we are and what we do. In future episodes, we will discuss topical news in the accessible travel sector, talk about advancements in the area and showcase some of our favourite properties across Australia.  

Listen Here - Spotify Link Coach and The Doctor JaeMan Podcast - 14 June 2023

Coach and The Doctor Podcast 14 June 2023 

Meet The Accessible Accommodation Team

The team at Accessible Accommodation consists of individuals who either have a disability themselves or are family members of someone with a disability. This firsthand experience enables them to understand the diverse mobility needs of their guests and cater to them accordingly. Their aim is to empower individuals with mobility challenges who love to travel. They do this by addressing physical limitations, providing support requirements, and embracing personalized accessibility solutions.  

Through their commitment to understanding diverse mobility needs and embracing personalized accessibility solutions, they are empowering individuals to explore and enjoy the beauty of Australia without limitations. 

Contact our team 1300 180 889 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.