A Seamless Stay: Accessibility Excellence at Rydges Fortitude Valley

A Seamless Stay: Accessibility Excellence at Rydges Fortitude Valley

When we embarked on our recent weekend getaway, we were on the lookout for a hotel that would not just provide comfort but also cater to accessibility needs. Our seamless stay at Rydges Fortitude Valley turned out to be an exceptional experience right from the moment we arrived. From thoughtful parking arrangements to spacious and accessible rooms, we were pleasantly surprised at every turn.




A Warm Welcome and Suitable Parking

Accessibility starts at the very beginning of the journey, and they nailed it. As we pulled up at the reception doors, my husband easily parked our Accessible Connections wheelchair-accessible vehicle. I exited our accessible van through the rear ramp access with ease and safety. To my right, there was a ramp leading me straight into the reception area. This smooth and hassle-free arrival set the tone for the entire stay.

One of our primary concerns was parking, given that we had a high vehicle with rear disability access. Thankfully, the hotel staff provided my husband with valuable information upon check-in. They advised him to use the adjacent carpark, which boasted a generous 3.1 metre height clearance, ideal for vehicles like ours. This thoughtful gesture eased our worries and ensured we had suitable parking throughout our stay.




The check-in process was a breeze. The staff was not only welcoming but also attentive to our specific needs. They readily offered and assured us of their commitment to catering to any additional requirements we might have during our stay. This level of service made us feel genuinely cared for.




Key Accessible Features

Our room was a haven of accessibility. It was spacious enough for me to comfortably navigate on my scooter, granting easy access to every corner of the room. Whether it was reaching the study/work desk, mini bar, coffee machine, or either side of the bed, the layout was designed with accessibility in mind. The modern and uncluttered d├ęcor added a touch of elegance to our stay.

Our weekend was filled with relaxation and exploration. We started our days with a delicious buffet breakfast, which was easily accessible. The hotel's restaurant, Six Acres, offered an equally delightful experience with its scrumptious steaks for dinner.




An Accessible Neighbourhood

Venturing into the CBD on Saturday, we found that accessibility was not limited to the hotel alone. Many stores in the area had taken steps to ensure accessibility for all. They had clear signs, accessible maps and well-placed lifts. Even the entries were renovated to accommodate those requiring level access. The footpaths and crossing points in the vicinity were designed for easy manoeuvring, making our shopping excursion hassle-free.

Around the hotel, we discovered a vibrant neighbourhood with restaurants and fun activities. The Brisbane Festival set up a roller-skating area with music outside which added a lively touch to our stay. We also enjoyed some downtime at the hotel's new bar/restaurant, Bar Gusto. Once again accessibility was considered, with ramps leading to the outside deck area and the restaurant ensuring everyone could enjoy the sunny ambience.




Our seamless stay at Rydges Fortitude Valley was proof of the hotel's commitment to accessibility and exceptional guest experiences. From the moment we arrived until our departure, we were met with thoughtful accommodations, attentive staff and a neighbourhood that welcomed all.

Rydges Fortitude Valley sets a high standard for accessibility in the hospitality industry, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay. We look forward to returning to this exceptional establishment in the future.

Jane Blundy - Assisted Walker

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