Accessible Accommodation’s Partnership With The Caravan Industry Association Of Australia.

Accessible Accommodation (The Accessible Group) is delighted to announce a new partnership with the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, which will benefit both people with disabilities (19% of our population) and retirees (25% of our population).

Our shared objectives are to increase the choice of accessible accommodation options in holiday caravan parks around Australia. The Accessible Group will be conducting inclusion training for Holiday Parks so that they can truly create a warm and welcoming experience for guests with disabilities. The parks will also have the opportunity to be assessed with recommendations for cost-effective amenities to make guests’ stays easier. Our mantra is that accessibility can be beautiful AND functional at the same time.

CEO of The Caravan Industry Association of Australia, Stuart Lamont and CEO of The Accessible Group (Accessible Accommodation) Kerry Williams
CEO of The Caravan Industry Association of Australia, Stuart Lamont and CEO of The Accessible Group (Accessible Accommodation) Kerry Williams

Recent data from Tourism Research Australia states that 20% of visitors in a caravan park or commercial camping ground reported a disability or long-term health condition of some kind.  This equates to approximately 3.8 million trips annually.  Now, caravan holiday park operators have a great opportunity to tap into this increasing demand through the provision of accessible accommodation, facilities, and activity areas. 

Founder of The Accessible Group, Kerry Williams commented; “Our Accessible Qualified program sets the standard for accessible tourism, offering peace of mind to both guests and providers.  Through our consulting service and inclusion training programs, we are aiming through this partnership to equip caravan holiday parks with the tools to offer a welcoming accessible guest experience.  It’s a win-win partnership for both members and guests with disabilities.” 

accessible accommodation's partnership with caravan industry association of australia

Caravan Industry Association of Australia CEO, Stuart Lamont, said, “The announcement of our collaboration with The Accessible Group means a tremendous amount for the industry.  We recently saw a number of parks across the country receive grants from Minister Farrell and the Federal Government for accessible park infrastructure.  This collaboration is the next progression in embracing accessible tourism within the industry.”

Stuart said; “Accessibility is often confused with how mobile someone may be.  Accessibility means so much more, it is the practice of making information activities and surroundings make sense and meaningful for as many people as possible.  We are excited to work with industry to make it easier for all Australians to enjoy the benefits of a caravanning and camping experience.”

When you see this symbol for any of our listings, you are assured that the Caravan Holiday Park has met a stringent audit by the industry association.

Accessible Asccommodations partnership with the Caravan Industry Association of Australia

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