Pet-Friendly Accessible Accommodation- Our Crew Are Pet Lovers Too!


Did you know that Accessible Accommodation has over 50 accessible places to stay that are pet friendly? Yes, we do! Our crew all work from home, and all of us have pets. We get how important it is to take your furry buddy on holiday. Meet our team and our pets, and check out the listings that are pet friendly too.


Sharron manages your bookings.

Meet Chase.  He is a 5-year-old Labradoodle that loves helping his mum Sharron in the reservation department. While checking out our Pet-friendly options on our website is his favourite office job he also likes to bark at the postman. 



Josh manages our bookings and listings. He wrote you a poem!


Here are the animals that wander my home.

They are our family that we call our own.

There’s Ollie the Border Collie, that black one that is.

And Millie, she’s silly the black and brown kitty.

Whiskey the cat is like an old drunk.

But Matilda is an angry grey skunk.

Chidiya the bird is a blue Indian Ringneck.

And Franklin the Turtle can get stuck on his back.

That brings us the Marlo the fox look-a-like.

The red and white Border Collie is the youngest of the lot.

Don’t let his cuteness fool you because playtime never stops.

They are my pets that bring joy to my home.

They are always there so I am never alone.


Josh and his menagerie


Ashlee heads up the team

Meet Kitty (aka Killer Kitty) requires more parenting than both my two kids put together! He rules the house with an iron fist and lets us know what he wants, regularly at the top of his lungs.

If Kitty wants food, a pat, the door open you’d best act quickly or he will pounce. On the other hand, he is incredibly affectionate and loves nothing more than a good cuddle, often at the most inconvenient time, when I'm cooking dinner for instance!

During our online meetings, our team will often find him curled up on Ashlee’s shoulder like a parrot or snuggled on her lap whilst she's working away on the laptop.


Ash and Kitty

Kerry And Grant

As the Founders of Accessible Accommodation, we also work from home.

Meet Daisy. She is 11 weeks old and already a force to be reckoned with! So it will be a few months of training before she comes travelling with us. A Spoodle who loves snuggles and hiding socks, everyone is her new best friend!

Daisy, Grant and Kerry's Puppy

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