Sarah Robinson reflects on her recent family holiday to the beautiful Mt Warning Estate.

On arrival it was dark, so we didn’t really have a concept of the environment until we woke up the next morning. When we entered the Two-Bedroom Accessible Cabin, I was in tears, tears of joy and tears of peace, hope, and security.

The presentation and cleanliness were exceptional, the décor, and colours are aesthetically appealing for any age group or person with a disability. The bright coloured painted squares on the internal doors and outside on the wall was attractive for both my boys who have autism. The Pac-Man machine was a hit for the entire family, what a neat little touch.

We really appreciated and enjoyed the croissants, donuts, bread, juice, milk, chocolates and much more, arriving late, this saved us all from our hunger until I was able to dinner in the oven. The simple things of salt, pepper, butter, sauces, tea and coffee, glad wrap was extremely helpful. The crockery, glassware, towels, bedding, bathrooms, and more is of extremely high standard- 5 star like a Marriott, Sheridan, and Western resorts, but in the country. Nothing was missing, every detail was considered.

Mount Warning Accessible Accommodation blog

Exploring the outdoors

We relaxed in the outdoor bath as a family, had a fire every night, cooked breaky on the BBQ each morning, went bush walking around the property, walked up the hills and explored the rain forest deep into the bush (lead by the boys, of course) We loved the cows and the food that was left for us to feed them.

We explored the surrounding areas of Uki, cafes, and coffee, had lunch at Mt Warning Hotel and went on an awesome bike ride to the tunnel from Stokers Siding to Burringbar. The location, views, weather, and environment were magical. We loved being left alone in peace doing what we needed to do as a family with two autistic boys with additional needs we felt no judgment at all, we were able to completely relax and feel comfortable. 

On arrival, we felt stressed, fragile, emotional, tired, and broken, but we left feeling relaxed and ready for the next challenge life throws at us. Thank you, Helen, and Graham, for allowing us to share a piece of your paradise, we would love to return again and will certainly tell our friends and family.

The Healing Benefits of the Mountain

Property owner Graham Dietrich says there is not a lot online about the healing benefits of the mountain. But we do have our own stories. Many guests report being relaxed, at ease and feeling at home upon arrival. Many guests report when leaving that they feel refreshed and renewed and enjoyed the serenity.

When we purchased the property, we were approached by some indigenous people who asked if it was still okay to visit their “Healing Tree”. This was a very big rainforest tree that towered over the other trees. We were happy for them to do this. Other people have told us the property is special because it lies on an earth-lay line between Mt Warning and Mt Nullum.

Wollumbin is highly significant to all language groups of the Bundjalung Nation. The Aboriginal community continues to maintain a powerful cultural connection to the mountain and surrounding landscape. The cultural stories connected to Wollumbin are wide and varied, and include: a mythological warrior, patriarch of mountains, cloud catcher, high place, and place of special significance for the brush turkey. Other stories are held only by community members with appropriate cultural knowledge, are not shared publicly or written down, and are passed on in accordance with oral traditions.

Mount Warning Accessible Accommodation blog

About the region

The Tweed Regional Museum factsheet states that Wollumbin / Mount Warning is the dominating geological feature of the Tweed Valley. The mountain is the remnant core of a shield volcano that was active 23 million years ago. The Tweed’s low and wide shield volcano once covered an area of around 100km by 80km. Today it stands less than half its original height and a tiny fraction of its original volume.

World Heritage-listed Wollumbin National Park, straddling Wollumbin / Mount Warning, is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area. A focal point for the Tweed Shire, it epitomises our internationally recognised biodiversity. Over 80 percent of the shire’s bushland has high conservation status. It includes at least 50 distinct vegetation communities, at least 11 of which are endangered. The region supports Australia’s highest concentration of threatened plant species. Tweed Shire itself supports 207 significant plant species; 55 of these are essentially confined to the shire.

How to Book

Mt Warning Estate offers the choice of a Romantic Getaway One-Bedroom Cabin and an Accessible Two-Bedroom Cabin with an electric adjustable bed, mobile hoist, shower chair and commode. Contact Accessible Accommodation for booking and enquires.

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