Leisure Options - Supported Holidays, Travel & Respite
Great Holidays and Travel for people with disabilities All Of the World
All Of Australia
Leisure Options - Supported Holidays, Travel & Respite
Great Holidays and Travel for people with disabilities All Of the World
All Of Australia
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Leisure Options Supported Holidays, Travel & Respite

Leisure Options is a supported travel business that specialises in premium, boutique holiday and travel experiences for people with disabilities.

As an accredited tourism business Operating since 1994 and a registered service provider for the NDIS, Leisure Options is a national award-winning industry leader in supported travel.

Leisure Options runs holidays throughout Victoria, around Australia and internationally including popular destinations such as USA and Europe.

With more than 25 years’ experience in both the travel and disability industries, Leisure Options is Australia’s only national award-winning, and accredited travel agent specialising in the disability sector.

Their team can provide you with expert advice and itineraries customised to your specific needs. With over 80 departures annually, their main focus is to provide holidays that allow maximum choice, loads of fun, high staffing ratios, commitment to individual needs, and a supportive holiday environment.

Leisure Options offer local, national and international holidays for group and individuals tailored to specific abilities. Travel is never limited and destinations are far and wide incorporating a range of experiences from train travel, music festivals, cruising, pampering, fishing, surfing, beach holidays, 4WD drive adventures, animal encounters to name a few. There are also special occasion tours including Christmas, New Year and Easter holidays with other popular destinations including the Gold Coast staying in a 5 star luxurious waterfront home, Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road, Cruising both nationally and internationally, Tasmania and the myriad of music festivals on offer throughout Australia.


Leisure Options offer supported holidays, travel & respite :

Supported Group Holidays –

Their small group tours enable Leisure Options to provide personalised travel experiences catering for individuals with different interests, skills, and abilities. Limited numbers, with high staffing ratios, allows them to customise every tour.

Individual Holidays –

As a supported travel specialist Leisure Options is qualified to create your entire holiday experience, from start to finish, hassle-free. They tailor an itinerary to suit your specific requests, identify packages and products that suit your unique wants and needs, and match you with one of their experienced tour leaders.

Respite Care –

Leisure Options respite care supports you to enjoy ‘me’ time in a safe and nurturing environment, while your loved ones get a break as well. The company believes that respite should be a positive experience for both you and your carer, providing beneficial and meaningful experiences that leave you both refreshed and invigorated.
Whether you come for a night or a week, their team works to diligently prepare daily activity plans that meet your needs, interests, and desires. Activities are tailored to each individual and may include a mix of gardening, cooking, arts, and crafts, games, puzzles, nature walks, attractions and any other interests you may have.

Contact Leisure Options for supported travel via the enquiry form on this page.

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