Next week our son Callum was getting married. Our boy is such a planner, he has checklists for everything!  Within hours of a snap lockdown, Cal had everything rescheduled, with support from businesses providing wedding services, and guests changing their annual leave. 
It made me realise how something that used to be impossible is now actually achievable. We humans, are resilient and have learned to be flexible, adapting to uncertainty.
In this article, I’ll share my travel tips in uncertain times which I hope will make it easier. One of the most important ones is research and planning. These travel tips are designed to give you a head start and be the early bird who catches the worm first.

Travel tips during uncertainty.

The best advice I can share is:

  • Research research research. Have a shortlist of 2 or 3 accommodation options that suit you. There are 50 plus questions and answers, video tours and lots of images for each listing on our website. 
  • Plan to leave it to the last minute. Booking on short notice if at all possible. Have the accommodation saved in your browser, ready to press go.
  • Be flexible. Have a plan B and C. Can you drive if you can’t fly? Can you book local Support Workers if your ones at home can’t make it? 
  • Check after midday each day when press conferences and updates are announced. Be ready to book quickly, because accessible options are in high demand, and book quickly.
  • Check cancellation policies. When you book through our website, at check out you will see the cancellation policy, almost all of which are flexible. 
  • Reschedule rather than cancel, not only are you helping Aussie businesses, but you are the first cab off the rank when travel opens for the property.
  • Travel in your own state, better yet, by region. This significantly reduces the risk of having to postpone a trip.

Whether you can travel under the definition of respite with NDIS is confusing. And, the rules vary by state.  For example, I have spoken to over a dozen government services and received multiple variations of advice.

As a rule of thumb, our policy at Accessible Accommodation is that if you live in a red zone, travel is not permitted, unless it is for mid-term Stays. For example, your home is under renovation for a newly acquired disability, or you need somewhere to live whilst awaiting permanent accessible accommodation. Your Support Coordinator can use our Booking Service as it saves time and money. (We have preferred rates for many properties). Click HERE for more info.

So, we are unable to accept bookings for travel from areas with lockdown rules in place. If you are not in a lockdown zone, all bookings will be accepted.

In some cases, you may be able to apply for an exemption. To do this, call your State COVID Hotline, and follow the prompts to:

1/ Information on travel restrictions

3/ Individual queries and exemptions.

Here are the numbers to call for each state:

NSW: 1800 020 080 

VIC 1800 675398

Tasmania  1800 671 738

Northern Territory 1800 490 484. 

South Australia  1800 253 787

Western Australia 13 26843

Queensland 13 42 68

We are relying on you our guests to understand the rules that apply to you, and to comply with those rules.

We appreciate and truly value your support and hope this is helpful to you.


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