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A Memorable Stay at Coochiemudlo Island

One of Accessible Accommodation's guests, Karen Gillies shares about her stay in September 2023 at one of our exclusive properties, 7 on Merindah on Coochiemudlo Island.

Our stay at 7 on Merindah on Coochiemudlo Island was an experience worth sharing. My recent visit with my carer Nettie left us truly impressed with the impeccable accessibility and overall comfort that this accommodation offered.

In this blog, I'll recount our delightful stay at 7 on Merindah, highlighting its outstanding accessibility features and the warm community we encountered on our trip.

A Memorable Stay at Coochiemudlo Island

Accessible Pet-Friendly Stay

From the moment we arrived at 7 on Merindah, it was evident that accessibility was a top priority. The property excelled in making everyone feel welcome, regardless of their mobility needs. The wide hallways were just the beginning; the entire space was designed with accessibility in mind. This thoughtful approach extended to the kitchen, where I could easily access the kettle, sink and microwave – a detail that had been lacking in previous places I have stayed in.

One standout feature was the presence of a shower commode onsite, a convenience that made our trip much smoother. Usually, we had to bring our own but 7 on Merindah had thought of everything. 7 on Merindah's dog-friendly policy was a game-changer for us and our beloved furry companion, Sasha. The accommodation made it easy for her to be a part of our trip, ensuring her comfort and happiness throughout our stay. The island's welcoming attitude towards dogs was a breath of fresh air.

A Memorable Stay at Coochiemudlo Island

Coochiemudlo Island Accessible Parks and Café

Exploring the island's natural beauty was a breeze, thanks to its well-maintained parks and accessible amenities. Concrete pathways and multiple accessible toilets ensured that everyone could enjoy the outdoors comfortably. Accessible picnic benches were another thoughtful touch that added to the convenience.

While the café we visited was not fully accessible up to the counter, the staff's exceptional service more than made up for it. They brought a portable EFTPOS machine to our table, ensuring that Nettie and I could order and pay with ease. The dining area itself was completely wheelchair-friendly, allowing us to enjoy our meal without any hindrances.

A Memorable Stay at Coochiemudlo Island

Hassle-Free Ferry Travel

Travelling to and from the island was a breeze, whether you have a car or not. If you're travelling by car, it was easy access on the barge. For those without a car, the completely wheelchair-accessible ramps on both sides of the port made ferry travel a smooth experience.

Our stay at 7 on Merindah was nothing short of extraordinary. The impeccable accessibility features, the pet-friendly atmosphere and the warm reception from the local community made it a memorable trip for Nettie, Sasha and me. This accessible haven is a testament to the importance of inclusive travel experiences, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a relaxing and hassle-free getaway. We left with hearts full of gratitude and a desire to return to this wonderful place in the future.

Karen Gillies – Sep 2023

A Memorable Stay at Coochiemudlo Island

Stay at 7 on Merindah with KPSM Respite and Consulting

Your stay at 7 on Merindah just got even more remarkable with the assistance of KPSM Respite and Consulting. As a dedicated STA/Respite service provider, KPSM Respite and Consulting goes above and beyond to enhance your entire experience, including accommodation, activities, food and support, making it an ideal choice for NDIS participants.

One of the outstanding features of KPSM Respite and Consulting is the flexibility it offers. The choice of where you stay is entirely yours. Whether you prefer the beach, the city, the countryside or the mountains, KPSM Respite and Consulting can organize NDIS STA/Respite in the location that suits you best. Even better, you can select one of Accessible Accommodation's properties, such as 7 on Merindah, for your respite or STA. This flexibility ensures that your stay aligns perfectly with your preferences and needs.

A Memorable Stay at Coochiemudlo Island

Empowering Control and Creating Lasting Memories:

KPSM believes that STA/Respite should be person-centred. That’s why you are given complete control over how you spend your time. You have a say in the activities, the pace and how you spend your time during your respite or STA. This empowerment ensures that your experience is truly tailored to your preferences and needs.

Above all, KPSM Respite and Consulting cares about you and aims to give you the time of your life, as well as memories that will last forever. With their support, your stay at 7 on Merindah and other accessible accommodations becomes more than just a trip; it becomes an enriching and memorable experience.

A Memorable Stay at Coochiemudlo Island

How to Book 7 on Merindah

7 on Merindah is exclusively managed by Accessible Accommodation. STA Packages Available. Please contact our team on 1300 180 889 or visit our website to view images and a video walk-through of this incredible property.  Be sure to book your ferry trip ahead of time by going to Visit Coochiemudlo Island.